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Igboke Chika: The reason why i fail my waec

A young girl from ezza north local government area, ebonyi state .has confirmed the reason behind her failure in waec . Chika is known to be a member of chosen charismatic revival, she explained that her pastor  has been preaching against examination malpractices. which  she was victim of, During her interview yesterday with (NAN) she states that her church don't support examination malpractice. I tried to resist the impression of been involved in the act but my fellow classmates are pushing me into it, I tried converting them to my own belief but my efforts all lands to nothing .  we started the exam last year April 2015 I took my first papper without malpractice I did excellently  well followed by my other papers I took without malpractice.

The impression became too much on the day of English that the degree cannot be estimated, they told me that no body has ever make English language in waec with malpractice. I was less confident emotional unbalance ,mental disarrange. i could …

Ebonyi women praised the state governor over his administration

Ebonyi state women on Monday 26th September praised the state governor David nweze umahi over his present administration in the state, the women express their gratitude yesterday towards the state governor, during they meeting with the deputy speaker of the state, Chief Odefa  Obasi Odefa.
The women said said that the governor has done all the works the previous governor failed to do. One of the women from Onicha local Government Area, miss Igwe Elizabeth analyzed that since david Umahi took over the office from his predecessor,that there have been an improvement in educational sector, provision of electricity, good water and good road network. While others in their speech said that the governor is God sent, some other people said that there have been free immunization in the state.

The governor of ebonyi state, David Nweze Umahi has completed the construction of 15 good roads, provide good water and electricity in the rural area of the state. He also provide employment opportunities f…

Man arrested for kidnapping a school girl

A report get to alexluckynews on Monday morning that a 34 year old man by name Mr Àkaego Romanus, from indiebor village in izzi local government, ebonyi state. Mr Akaego ramonus was residing in ishieke  , he was caught with 15 years old school that he kidnap for ritual purpose in his house.

When the little girl was interviewed by our news men, she states that, she was standing in front of her house waiting for bike that will take her to school, when she saw mr Akaego who claimed to be a bike man, he stop and carried the 15 years old girl without price  negations.  Mr Akaego instructed the little girl to keep quite and maintain came, that if she scream he will kill her. The little girl was terrified and kept quiet as she was instructed to do.

Mr Akaego passed her school gate on a very high speed straight to his house, he quickly pushed the girl into his room, pulled of her address getting ready to sacrifice her when the she screamed loudly, neighbors who where around came and force his d…

World leaders hailed buhari's administration

The minister of information and culture, alhaji lai Mohammad, has hailed global endorsement which president Muhammad buhari received from world leaders during his recent trip to the US for the 7ist session of UN general Assembly and appealed to Nigeria's to continue to support the President.

In statement issued in Lagos on Sunday and signed by the USA to the the minister, segun adeyemi, lai said it was particularly delightful to hear from the world leaders that President buhari determined and committed leadership as well as his integrity have given Nigerian a positive image in the comity of nations.

He said the global community's appreciation of the giant strides that have been made President buhari's administration in fighting torroism a and corruption, as well as in deftly managing the nation's economy at a time of global economic downturn is an indication that the administration is on course in its quest to ensure a better life for the people.

  "These three areas…

Doctor Enekwe Godwin." The importance of vitamins to the body

Vitamins are organic compounds. they are not energy giving food. They are biocatalysts, I.e they promote chemical reactions in the body. Examples are A,B,E,K,D and C.
Here are they importance to human body.
VitaminA: need for proper functioning of epithelial tissue such as skin, mucous membrane., component of visual pigments, need for vision in them light, essential for normal growth.
  Thus, this are the deficiency symptoms. Skin become flaky ( horny and dry )., night blindness and exeropthalmia ( can lead to permanent blindness).

VitaminD. Increase absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the intestine, calcification and hardening of bones and teeth  Deficiency symptoms include ricket in children ( poor bone and teeth formation). Softening of bone in adult

Vitamin E. Protect fatty acids and cell membranes from oxidation. VitaminE has no deficiency symptoms.
Vitamin k. Synthesis of blood clothing factors . the deficiency symptoms is clothing of blood, leading to sever bleeding from cut…

Niger-delta youth protest over alleged money laundering by dame Patience Jonathan

A group of young people from different parts of the Niger-delta have staged a protest in port Harcourt in solidarity with former Nigerians first lady , Dame Patience Jonathan. The Niger-delta youth group decided to support the first lady over an on going investigation for alleged money laundering by EFCC.

The protesters marched to the zonal office of the EFCC in port Harcourt where they complained the investigation was politically motivated. The leaders of the group including Bristol alagbariya of ijaw youth Congress, sukubo sara-igbe of the national youth council of Nigeria, and Daniel Wilcox claimed that EFCC was persecuting the former first lady. they wandered why the former first lady should be the the first lady of Nigeria that would be subjected to investigation by the EFCC.

Wilcox said, patience Jonathan has contributed to the development of this country. Whether you like it or not she has contributed to the peace in this country.
Her husband also contributed to peace in this cou…

Waoo a woman exchange her daughter with rice

An unnamed woman exchanged her daughter for rice in abakaliki rice mile on Monday, the woman went to the rice mile to buy rice with her eight years old daughter, the cost of the rice is too high more than the woman's expectation that she can't even afford half of the payment. She tried negotiating with the rice owner but the owner refuse negotiations with the woman. The woman and her children have not tasted food for the past two days, her children are starving. She waited patiently to know if she can find any one that can reduct money from the actual price of the rice, she waited till a point that she don't have any option left rather than to go back house without the rice. She thought twice that going house without the rice will bring any end to the that family since she and her children will die of starvation. She mate the rice owner and ask her to give her the rice to blew the dust out, she took the rice and ask the rice own to carry her daughter when she finish she wi…

Student protesting for school to refund their money

Students of izzi high school protest again for the refunding of their money,which they paid early last term for unified promotional exam. Students of the institution mentioned early said that the school management want Emblaze their money. the school management claimed that the money is with the state government but the state government announced publicly that the money has been refunded back to each school in the state, to refund to the students stating that the unified exam has been cancelled. All the schools in the State has received their own back excluding izzi high school, the students reacted badly when they had on radio and other news medium that their money has been refunded back to them. The starting was a peaceful protest till the final day of exam last term when the students declared that there will be no exam unless they refund their money to them but the school refused refunding the money till the peaceful protest turned to a violence protest. The students started destro…

My boss wife accused me of stealing her husband money

A 19 year old boy has reported to the police that the oga wife has been accuseing him of stealing her husband money,a man who is known to be a drug dealer, a manager,own and director of peco pharmacy the boy claimed that he used to be in good relationship with his boss before the interference of his wife, the 19 year old boy has disclose that his boss wife hate him so much to the extend that there is nothing he can do to please her. the 19 year old boy said yesterday when speaking with news men that he has tried his best to please his boss wife but after everything it get worse,she never appreciate my effort towards the businesses,she keeping suspecting  me,each time she comes to shop she will search me. I tried to make her understand the fact that am not a thief and stealing blood does not flow in my vein but she refuse to understand, she keeps intermediating and mortifying me, she has infringed on my human right, i can't laugh while others are laughing. Even when I want to atten…

Ss3 student refuse food because her boyfriend divorce her

A student of izzi high school in ebonyi state by name john Loveth uchenna refuse eating food for the past three days now due to a divorce by her boyfriend on friday. A statement from her mother made it clear that uchenna has been behaving abnormal since Friday night,she told some women that came to her house. this are her statement  my daughter has been in a relationship with a boy since her jss1 till date.according to her sisters that went out with her told me she had a fight with her boy friend which lead to her been divorce,as the boy said is over between them.her sisters said she tried to reconcile with him but to no avail as the boy has made up his mind ,she was still crying and pleading when the boy left in angry mood.her sisters said they tried to console her but she refuse to keep calm ,they also said that they made alot of promises to her to keep her calm but all they effort is invein. Since that night I has been asking her but she refuse to say angthing,she keep asking me wh…

Man arrested in ebonyi for cutting his Son's hand

It was reported on Sunday that unnamed man from ishieke,ebonyi local government area in ebonyi state cut off his son's hand for stealing one thousand naira kept for food.after the ugly incident took place the man took his to a pharmacy shop for treatment, stating that the young boy had an accident which cut off his hand  the unnamed man knowing his crime request for immediate treatment without verification and couldn't all the boy to answer for himself to enable the pharmacist commerce treatment immediately base on medical rules,which States that you can't start drug administration without knowing the cause of the problem.the young boy is seriously bleeding but the pharmacist insist on treating him since the father can not give detail of what happened to him.the man was force to say the truth to bring police report so that they can start treatment,the unnamed man reply no need for police report,don't involve police in this matter.when he was asked why police should not…