Ebonyi women praised the state governor over his administration

Ebonyi state women on Monday 26th September praised the state governor David nweze umahi over his present administration in the state, the women express their gratitude yesterday towards the state governor, during they meeting with the deputy speaker of the state, Chief Odefa  Obasi Odefa.
The women said said that the governor has done all the works the previous governor failed to do. One of the women from Onicha local Government Area, miss Igwe Elizabeth analyzed that since david Umahi took over the office from his predecessor,that there have been an improvement in educational sector, provision of electricity, good water and good road network. While others in their speech said that the governor is God sent, some other people said that there have been free immunization in the state.

The governor of ebonyi state, David Nweze Umahi has completed the construction of 15 good roads, provide good water and electricity in the rural area of the state. He also provide employment opportunities for the youth of ebonyians, construction of flyover in spirado and presco junction, health centres are built in the rural area to improve health conditions.

All the project mentioned are completed despites the economic recession in the country the governor has also assured civil servants that no worker will go home hungry, that every worker in the state must be paid at the end every months. The women leader said I am not bewildered for what the governor is doing because I saw it in my dream during election that he is going to transform our state.

  The deputy speaker of the state, chief Odefa Obasi Odefa  told the women that their maximum support is needed in transforming the state. The women promised to give the governor their maximum support and urged all ebonyians to embrace this transformation


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