Man arrested for kidnapping a school girl

A report get to alexluckynews on Monday morning that a 34 year old man by name Mr Àkaego Romanus, from indiebor village in izzi local government, ebonyi state. Mr Akaego ramonus was residing in ishieke  , he was caught with 15 years old school that he kidnap for ritual purpose in his house.

When the little girl was interviewed by our news men, she states that, she was standing in front of her house waiting for bike that will take her to school, when she saw mr Akaego who claimed to be a bike man, he stop and carried the 15 years old girl without price  negations.  Mr Akaego instructed the little girl to keep quite and maintain came, that if she scream he will kill her. The little girl was terrified and kept quiet as she was instructed to do.

Mr Akaego passed her school gate on a very high speed straight to his house, he quickly pushed the girl into his room, pulled of her address getting ready to sacrifice her when the she screamed loudly, neighbors who where around came and force his door open they saw the little girl lying  on his table naked, they rushed immediately and rescue her. They hood the man, brought him outside and started beating him mercilessly to extend that one of them suggested storing him to death would be better instead of beating but those that know the law disagreed with the idea. After beating him with so much injury on his body they decided to take him to the nearest police station where he was interviewed by(NAN), he confused that it was an instruction from his spiritual father.

  He told me to kill a Virgin and bring her private parts for sacrifice so that I Will make  money. He gave me two weeks to do so or I will die, I have stayed one week I couldn't find any body I decided to go into motorcycle business to enable me meet up with my target, now am regretting my decision."


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