Man arrested in ebonyi for cutting his Son's hand

It was reported on Sunday that unnamed man from ishieke,ebonyi local government area in ebonyi state cut off his son's hand for stealing one thousand naira kept for food.after the ugly incident took place the man took his to a pharmacy shop for treatment, stating that the young boy had an accident which cut off his hand  the unnamed man knowing his crime request for immediate treatment without verification and couldn't all the boy to answer for himself to enable the pharmacist commerce treatment immediately base on medical rules,which States that you can't start drug administration without knowing the cause of the problem.the young boy is seriously bleeding but the pharmacist insist on treating him since the father can not give detail of what happened to him.the man was force to say the truth to bring police report so that they can start treatment,the unnamed man reply no need for police report,don't involve police in this matter.when he was asked why police should not be involved he started narrating his story.  These are his comments.this boy have been stealing since birth I have warned him on several occasions but he paid deaf ear to my times he still from my neighbors and they are complaining bitterly ,me as his father is ashamed of myself to the extend that I can't even stand on on my right again in the neighborhood due to the fear of been called a criminal father.I can't even speak on behalf him,anything the neighbors said he does I accept becourse I don't have any trusth on him.but it was too painful to day that the only money I had for food he took it without my concept when I ask him,he denied it but I find the money in his pocket out of anger I concluded in cutting off his hand so that he will not steal again and after I had done that I was grip with fear I decided to bring him for treatment so that he will not die.after the explanation he was handed over to the nearest police station for proper investigation and justification.


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