My boss wife accused me of stealing her husband money

A 19 year old boy has reported to the police that the oga wife has been accuseing him of stealing her husband money,a man who is known to be a drug dealer, a manager,own and director of peco pharmacy the boy claimed that he used to be in good relationship with his boss before the interference of his wife, the 19 year old boy has disclose that his boss wife hate him so much to the extend that there is nothing he can do to please her. the 19 year old boy said yesterday when speaking with news men that he has tried his best to please his boss wife but after everything it get worse,she never appreciate my effort towards the businesses,she keeping suspecting  me,each time she comes to shop she will search me. I tried to make her understand the fact that am not a thief and stealing blood does not flow in my vein but she refuse to understand, she keeps intermediating and mortifying me, she has infringed on my human right, i can't laugh while others are laughing. Even when I want to attend to customers she will come and and stand beside me to make sure i don't take any money but I always ignore her, i have reported her to my boss several times but he don't seems to be serious about it. I felt the pain so much yesterday when she open her mouth to call me thief,that is why I reported  her to the police to ask her if I have stolen any of her belonging or she have find any of her husband money on me. I know I had never steal and I will never do so because I believe in myself,I trust God and I know that tomorrow will be better than today. When the police ask the woman to provide her evidence,she said I had not caught him red handed but I know the phone he is using and the laptop he bought it with our money,but investigation shows that the laptop belongs to the boy co-worker the woman was sued to abakaliki high court for her injustice".


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