Niger-delta youth protest over alleged money laundering by dame Patience Jonathan

A group of young people from different parts of the Niger-delta have staged a protest in port Harcourt in solidarity with former Nigerians first lady , Dame Patience Jonathan. The Niger-delta youth group decided to support the first lady over an on going investigation for alleged money laundering by EFCC.

The protesters marched to the zonal office of the EFCC in port Harcourt where they complained the investigation was politically motivated. The leaders of the group including Bristol alagbariya of ijaw youth Congress, sukubo sara-igbe of the national youth council of Nigeria, and Daniel Wilcox claimed that EFCC was persecuting the former first lady. they wandered why the former first lady should be the the first lady of Nigeria that would be subjected to investigation by the EFCC.

Wilcox said, patience Jonathan has contributed to the development of this country. Whether you like it or not she has contributed to the peace in this country.
Her husband also contributed to peace in this country and we will not want anything to thwart this peace.
We are not against her investigation but what we want us that due process must be followed. We have had other first ladies in this country why should our mother Patience Jonathan be the first. Whey are they always against niger-delta. The world should come and hear our cry."

  In his response, the south-south zonal director of EFCC explained that the anti-corruption campaign is not selective. The EFCC official noted that corrupt politicians are responsible for economic recession in Nigerian.
Let me say this, the EFCC is a creation of the law and the highest investigating body in the country. We do not shy away from our responsibility no matter whose ox is gored. If there is a case, we follow it to a logical conclusion and where there is non, there is non

  People must be wary and take cognizance of what is happening today. This recession did not just occur overnight, it is the cumulation of the actions and inaction of some people. A situation of millions of naira and dollars." He said you will recall that the EFCC recently ordered the Freezing of some bank accounts belonging to Dame Patience Jonathan in ongoing investigation of alleged laundering of thirty-one million dollars .
Four companies had last week pleaded guilty to money laundering in connection to fifteen million dollars traced to a former domestic acid of Nigeria.


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