Ss3 student refuse food because her boyfriend divorce her

A student of izzi high school in ebonyi state by name john Loveth uchenna refuse eating food for the past three days now due to a divorce by her boyfriend on friday. A statement from her mother made it clear that uchenna has been behaving abnormal since Friday night,she told some women that came to her house. this are her statement  my daughter has been in a relationship with a boy since her jss1 till date.according to her sisters that went out with her told me she had a fight with her boy friend which lead to her been divorce,as the boy said is over between them.her sisters said she tried to reconcile with him but to no avail as the boy has made up his mind ,she was still crying and pleading when the boy left in angry mood.her sisters said they tried to console her but she refuse to keep calm ,they also said that they made alot of promises to her to keep her calm but all they effort is invein. Since that night I has been asking her but she refuse to say angthing,she keep asking me where is sam which is the boy's name. the women advised her to take her to the hospital for medical advise which she did  immediately but after examination the  doctor said that she is healthy and mentally balanced that she is only depressed and emotionally challenged, the doctor advised that she need a cool place and a boy to stay with as this will help her come back to nomal he added" they left the hospital to they house but the mother is not comfortable and not conviced with the doctor's advise she decided to make a report in a police station to investigate if the boy used charm on her,the police arrested the boy on monday morning when he was asked to make statement he said I don't use charm on her I don't think of  doing that because i loves her and she loves me but she is greedy and desperate,she keep on asking me for money all the time even when i told her there is no money
she will get angry and shout on me, i decided to let her go before i die in silence.when the girl was brought to police station to make her statment she saw the boy and recovered she started lamenting live him,he is not a thief and have not committ any crime.the police released him immediately but the have vaw that he will never have anything to do with uchenna again in life


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