Student protesting for school to refund their money

Students of izzi high school protest again for the refunding of their money,which they paid early last term for unified promotional exam. Students of the institution mentioned early said that the school management want Emblaze their money. the school management claimed that the money is with the state government but the state government announced publicly that the money has been refunded back to each school in the state, to refund to the students stating that the unified exam has been cancelled. All the schools in the State has received their own back excluding izzi high school, the students reacted badly when they had on radio and other news medium that their money has been refunded back to them. The starting was a peaceful protest till the final day of exam last term when the students declared that there will be no exam unless they refund their money to them but the school refused refunding the money till the peaceful protest turned to a violence protest. The students started destroying the school properties,before school committee came and pleaded to the students to stop and be patience with the school management but some stubborn students refused and continued the protest. It is too fatal that the school management can not condole it any longer, they invited the police and security officers in the state which lead to mass arrest in the school. Must of the school staffs especially women and some security officers were injured. The peaceful protest started again this term when the school management suspend some of their school functionaries including the senior prefect in the person of enekwe Godwin stating that they are the cause of the protest. The students are no longer interested in the money any longer but urge the school management to bring back their functionaries especially the senior prefect,the person they described as a man of integrity and equity. They add that they will continue fighting the school management until they bring back their functionaries ".


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