Waoo a woman exchange her daughter with rice

An unnamed woman exchanged her daughter for rice in abakaliki rice mile on Monday, the woman went to the rice mile to buy rice with her eight years old daughter, the cost of the rice is too high more than the woman's expectation that she can't even afford half of the payment. She tried negotiating with the rice owner but the owner refuse negotiations with the woman. The woman and her children have not tasted food for the past two days, her children are starving. She waited patiently to know if she can find any one that can reduct money from the actual price of the rice, she waited till a point that she don't have any option left rather than to go back house without the rice. She thought twice that going house without the rice will bring any end to the that family since she and her children will die of starvation. She mate the rice owner and ask her to give her the rice to blew the dust out, she took the rice and ask the rice own to carry her daughter when she finish she will then carry her. The rice owner carry the child not knowing that the unnamed woman have went home to feed her other children despite living her daughter in the rice mile, the rice owner forget the rice and the child while going home till the evening time when the rice mile attendant want to close work, they find the child sitting alone. They ask her of her mother, with her little explanation they were able to trace her home. But before they could get there, the woman is already feed her other children with the rice. The woman saw her child and tears rolled down her checks when she was asked the reason for action, she states that she is trying to save her children from death but she couldn't afford the money to do so, instead of her to lose all her children and herself to death she decided to sacrifice the youngest for the sack of others. The rice mile attendants were very sympathetic, they gave her,her child and pay the rice money for her.


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