Biafra can be attained, Igbos will not beg Buhari - Ohaneze

– Chief (Mrs) Calista Nkiru Adimachukwu (Mmilioma), says Igbos are a priceless asset to Nigeria as a whole

– Mrs Adimachukwu says Igbos cannot beg for a place in Nigeria

– Similarly, Major Hamza Al- Mustapha, has advised the Igbo race to be united in order to achieve Biafra

– The ex-CSO to General Sani Abacha, says the actualizationof Biafra is possible

National Women Leader, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chief (Mrs) Calista Nkiru Adimachukwu (Mmilioma) has said that the Igbo are the highest contributors to Nigerian independence compared to other regions.
Calista Nkiru says the Igbos must be given that which is due them.

Adimachukwu however noted that it is sad that since independence in 1960, other regions have countered Igbo objectives.

Acording to Vanguard, the women leader said: “The Igbo have not been given the opportunity to taste solid leadership in Nigeria. Even after Nigeria got independence, Dr, Nnamdi Azikiwe, was made a ceremonial President whereas his NCNC and Awolowo’s AG were capable of forming a solid government and producing the Prime Minister.”

“Azikiwe sacrificed that for the peaceful existence and unity of Nigeria. Although Azikiwe had support from Awolowo, he reasoned that if the West and East teamed up against the North to form government, the nation may lose its equilibrium as the North might feel short-changed.

Therefore, Azikiwe sacrificed that chance for the unity of Nigeria. In fact, the Igbo do not even want to talk about the circumstances surrounding the death of Major Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi. Even in the Fourth Republic, Dr Alex Ekwueme contributed immensely to the formation of the PDP, thinking that probably the Igbo might get the chance to control the central government.”

She added that: “The Igbo hoped that Ekwueme would be made the presidential candidate of the PDP, but there was gang-up by the military against the Igbo, and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo became the presidential candidate of the PDP.

Obasanjo’s candidacy was the continuation of the defeat of the Igbo because the northern oligarchy never wanted an Igbo man to be the President of Nigeria. Even before that episode, the Igbo voted for Chief M.K.O Abiola, but when it came to the time when an Igbo person needs votes from the West and the North both in primaries and main elections, the Igbo are usually disappointed.

The Igbo have sacrificed a lot for the political development of Nigeria even to the extent of supporting a northerner in the Second Republic and also giving Sir. Tafawa Belewa support to be Prime Minister in the First Republic.

“The Igbo have been disappointed time, without number whenever they needed support from other regions.

This is one of the reasons the Igbo want the Federal Government to implement the report of the 2014 National Conference in order to end the issue of junior and senior partners in the Nigerian project and also to neutralise any gang-up against the Igbo now and in the future.

There is no doubt that the Igbo are disappointed because President Goodluck Jonathan lost the election.

This is because the Igbo believed that since he was the one that instituted the National Confab and received the report, he would have been in a better position to implement it.

Again, he showed the Igbo that he has their interest at heart. Because of him, the Igbo now have international airport and other developmental projects in the region. I believe he could have done more if he won re-election in 2015.

There are also other projects in the South-East which he started that are still unsung. The Igbos have no regrets voting for Jonathan and will do the same again if the need arises.

Notably, in the 2011 presidential election, similar thing happen where the North-East and North-West voted massively for Gen. Buhari, and he lost in that election. However, those who voted for him then had no regret.

They repeated the same feat in 2015 and he won. The President did a lot to ensure that the 2015 elections went well and without violence. He should be commended for his efforts in the 2015 elections.

All said and done, the Igbo will continue to hope that their contributions to national development will be remembered by all.”

Meanwhile, former Chief Security Officer (CSO), to ex-Military Head of State, late Gen Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al- Mustapha, has advised the Igbo race to be united in order to achieve their purpose.

Major-Hamza-Al-Mustapha says Igbos must come together to achieve their goal.

Daily Post reports that Mustapha made the appeal yesterday, November 26, at this year’s Odumegwu Ojukwu’s memorial service in Owerri, Imo State.

Noting that Ojukwu was a committed military leader, the former CSO said the Igbo race has all it takes to lead the world.

According to Mustapha, “In the absence of unity of purpose, Ndigbo will end up wasting their time and achieving practically nothing.

“We equally feel the pains of Ndigbo. There are palpable traces of poverty in every street in this land”


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