Plateau is drifting apart under Lalong – Damishi Sango

A former Minister of Sports and current chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Plateau State, Hon. Damishi Sango on Saturday accused the APC led administration in the state of allowing the state to drift apart.
Sango stated this in a chat with journalists in Jos.

“It is unfortunate that today, Plateau is drifting apart. Plateau is supposed to be the shining star in the middle belt but the APC is bent on rubbishing everything.

“But Plateau people will never allow it, especially some of us who are still alive from the old school.”

When asked to assess the present administration since it came into office last year, the PDP Chieftain said, “I don’t want to assess it because there is nothing to assess. Lalong could not reply my last press conference and the issues raised because he has no reply to it.

“We raised a lot of issues concerning the financial recklessness of his administration, just barely a year in office, but he could not respond. Lalong has nothing to say to counter the facts.

“But let me assure you that Plateau is PDP, Plateau people will decide come 2019”, he stressed.

On the defection of Senator Joshua Dariye, the State’s House of Assembly Deputy Speaker, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi and others; Sango said, “As a party we have talked about it and we have made our position known. I don’t want to keep on talking about an inconsequential issue.

“People will vote you out of trust, then you go and say you have defected with the mandate of the people. It is unfortunate.”

He maintained that, “These younger ones just want to destroy their political future. If you go about defecting with the peoples’ mandate, who will trust you tomorrow?

“These ones you see jumping to APC with the peoples’ mandate are people who came to PDP on a platter of gold.
They never suffered anything for the party that is why they can afford to do as they please, but it’s quite unfortunate.”

However in a swift reaction, Governor Simon Lalong, through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Hon.

Dan Manjang, said, on the financial allegations, “when you start to throw stone at every dog that barks, then you will no get anywhere”.

Manjang told DAILYPOST exclusively that, “Sango lacks the temerity to accuse anybody of defecting from one party to another. Sango left PDP for the AD prior to the 2003 polls and came back and still left PDP for ANPP at the eve of the 2011 elections. So what is good for the goose is good for they gander.

“He is the wrong person to complain about anybody leaving PDP to any other party. It is common sense that, when the salt loses its taste, it is thrown away, so PDP is the salt in this scenario.”

The Governor’s Spokesman maintained that, “Anybody who understands the times, there will be no need to stagnate in a place that is full of impunity; you move to progressive places”.


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