Read what this beautiful lady said she is trained for

Intersexual, bleaching advocate, born Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has opened up on his real sexuality.

The controversial SnapChat king in his latest post said he loves snatching people’s husband.

“Don’t try me, I was trained by my mum, we snatch husband when we want to. Name it, is it by food, sex, fashion. Don’t try Bobrisky,” he wrote on SnapChat.

Recently, he bragged about how good he is at giving his ‘mystery bae’ a blowjob.

In one of his posts, he was seen flaunting himself around a white dude, he called ‘admirer’ in London.
Bobrisky, fondly called “Africa’s First

Male Barbie, wears makeup, dresses in women’s clothes regardless of his sexual orientation but has till date, denied being gay.

He revealed his ‘bae’ misses his lips and blowjob, how his bae is upset at him for going to London, how he locked his home and took his car keys from his driver and how a white man sent him dessert and joined him at his table.


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