See the woman who have captured the heart of the formal president Olusegun Obasonjo

Every man has a special woman who knows how to show them the kind of love and respect they wholeheartedly receive. For former President Olusegun Obasonjo who is known to be a tough man, that woman is Bola .

                  Mrs Obasonjo

Olusegun Obasonjo is an intelligent man. The 79-year-old former president and head of state is a man of the people.

He is that that leader most people look up to and go to with problems even after many years of leaving the presidential seat.

Asides being known as brilliant man, he is known as a tough man probably due to his background in the military. His tough nature makes it difficult for people to believe he will love again after the death of his late wife and former First Lady Stella Obasonjo.

However years have passed and Baba as he his fondly called has found a woman after his own heart. Mrs Bola is one beautiful woman who has captured Baba's heart. The hardworking woman has a son for him named Funsho.

She is seen with him in most public functions and when asked about Baba, she had only nice things to reveal about her loving husband.

       Baba with wife Bola at an event

Earlier in the year, she opened up about who OBJ really is. She said:

“If he (Obasanjo) says he loves you, you must be hardworking. We nicknamed baba, wole joko jeun (Baba, enter, sit and eat) because of his busy nature. He is always attending to people. He has got answer to everybody’s problem."

“ At times in our house, we receive over 100 guests in a single day, and we serve food to them. You dare not tell OBJ that there is no soup in the house, except you want trouble. When he comes in, rush to the kitchen, even if there is nothing, you have to pretend that you are bringing something. If the kitchen is empty, you have to rush to the garden."
“ He is a unique man, very unique, and it is not him, it is the grace of God upon his life.


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