Funny!!this woman burn his husband's salary he kept in the chair

A father of six, Emmanuel Okon has lost gigantic total of cash after his significant other, Peace, erroneously blazed cash covered up inside a filthy garments pack kept in the house after he declined to convey cash to purchase sustenance for the family. The episode occurred at Fayemi Road in Ejigbo Lagos where the couple live. As indicated by PM Express, the sum erroneously smoldered by Peace was about N50,000 which her spouse, Okon covered up inside the sack without her learning. On the day the episode happened, his significant other had asked to Okon convey cash to get some 'De Rica' of rice for the family however he asserted he didn't have any cash for nourishment stuff and left. The spouse Peace, who is intensely pregnant, chosen to clean their condo and get rid of a few old, grimy garments kept in a sack in the room by smoldering them, not knowing Okon shrouded some cash inside the pack. At the point when Okon returned, he went where the pack was to check if the cash he subtly kept there was still in place just to find the pack was absent. He called his better half to know where she kept the sack in any case, was told she took it before and smoldered them. Okon separated and began crying, and uncovered she had smoldered the cash he kept there. His better half Peace advised him that he had asserted that he had no cash when she approached him for cash to purchase rice to cook for the family, he got irate and began beating her, regardless of her pregnant state. It took the intercession of the neighbors before he leave her alone. The matter turned into an issue at the area, with a few neighbors saying Okon was ideal for not revealing all the cash he had, but rather others say he has paid the cost for deceiving his significant other and appears to be proposed to starve his family though he had such colossal whole of cash and declined to accommodate the family as required.


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