touching story!!a landowner killed his tenant for not flushing latrine

In Accra, a Ghanian landowner has been gotten and supposedly discovered blameworthy of executing his "rationally sick" inhabitant in the wake of hitting him with a 'unidentified metallic' protest for her disappointment and failure of flushing the latrine after each use. Ghana Web talked on the matter saying Nana Konadu passed on three days after the fact after the frequency. Konadu who was said to have evidently hailed affronts at the proprietor who is distinguished as Mr Oppong, after which he demanded him to flush the can. The outrage produced however spun Mr Oppong into hitting her with a metallic question. Konadu apparently kicked the bucket three days after the fact on admission to a Neighborhood Doctor's facility in the wake of misery from serious torments managed from the hit. The speculated Proprietor is at present on the run.


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