Sad! Burglars break into Nicki Minaj’s 200k LA mansion

Nicki Minaj is about $200k worn out after a robbery at her L.A. manor. Law implementation sources say the 11,500 sq. ft castle was completely destroyed within. The suspect or suspects thumped over and flipped furniture and things everywhere throughout the house, practically as though they were wildly searching for something. Shockingly, they were effective. We're told the criminals snatched a huge amount of gems and other property, and there were clear indications of constrained section in spots around the house. Different sources associated with the case says the harm resembles this was close to home. They vandalized certain things in the house including picture outlines, aroma containers, furniture, and even cut up Nicki's garments. Nicki's group detailed the thievery not long ago as she was away. We're told police are searching for any observation video of the guilty party, however right now, there are no suspects


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