A Letter to Science About the Antidote for Cancer

The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi was the prime supporter of the American National Foundation for Cancer Research. His 'Letter to Science' in 1974 expressed that the acknowledged criteria for applying for essential government malignancy investigate financing was counterproductive. From his political-restorative science viewpoint, the financing for a cure for malignancy was counteracted in light of the fact that the acknowledged criteria for significant research was itself cancer-causing in nature.

As a Hungarian resident amid World war II he stayed away from catch by the Gestapo for holding political science speculations hostile to the Fascist government. After the war he declined the political hypotheses of Russian socialism to seek after his growth explore in America. His letter to science made utilization of political thoughts having a place with the old agnostic Greek nuclear Science for Ethical Ends. The agnostic idea of the 28 day moon development reverberating feeling framing numerical data to the nuclear digestion system related with the female cycle, had been instructed at the Epicurean University in old Athens.

These thoughts be that as it may, go past the constraints having a place with current science living inside the lawful frameworks of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We trust that science can resolve the issue and this may be of useful future incentive to every one of the three by giving a cure to growth and offering to them a more altruistic worldwide logical culture.

  Szent-Gyorgyi saw the old Greek perfect to build up a political science to control recognizing government for the soundness of the universe, so as to maintain a strategic distance from the eradication of human progress, as a medicinal issue. It is the exact inverse of the predominant worldwide logical thermodynamic culture, which in certainty requests the eradication of all life in the universe. This demise religion idea of reality unmistakably has a place with a cancer-causing logical outlook.

The possibility of American Democracy contains parts of the antiquated Greek moral political science. In 2017 this idea of majority rules system was plainly uncovered to be a plutocracy: government by the well off. We can contend that inside a culture driven by thermodynamic confusion this present plutocracy may well be a sound judgment essential for quick financial tribal survival, enlivened by good popularity based qualities. In any case, its inherent logical, cancer-causing nature should at some point or another realize a rehash of its very much recorded cyclic obliteration of tribal social orders. Cancer-causing science is presently quickening this procedure toward a terminal state, in acquiescence to the predominant thermodynamic termination law.

All that is expected to advance past that circumstance is simply to put the plutocratic know-how nearby significant survival antitoxin rationale inside a PC set up to produce human survival outline reenactments. Such recreations will plot new mechanical rules to collect impossible riches, together with the organization rules to profit the general population. This model is as opposed to the deceptive suspicions existing inside a general public based upon the present worldwide inflow of broken data.

This pivotal research approach had as of now been sanctioned this century, yet the evident disease cure learning was, as Szent-Gyorgyi anticipated, totally disregarded. In 1979 China's most exceptionally granted physicist, Kun Huang, gave Australian Science-Art scientists with the procedure to quantify the presence of the life compel. He recommended that by utilizing Szent-Gyorgyi's comprehension of old Greek numerical geometry, it ought to be conceivable to build up a logical program to create recreations showing the advancement of seashell development and improvement through space-time.

  In the event that the reproductions coordinated flawlessly with seashells recorded inside the fossil record then the material science laws administering the advancement of life would have been found. Amid the 1980s, this examination was effectively completed in Australia. In 1990 the world's biggest mechanical research establishment, IEEE in Washington, reproduced the revelation from distributed papers by Italy's driving logical diary, Il Nuovo Cimento. IEEE acclaimed it to be one of the twentieth Century's extraordinary optical numerical revelations, setting it nearby such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.

  In 1995 this scientific disclosure was transposed into a material science organize by the President of the Institute of Basic Research in America, to find new physical science laws overseeing the development of living things. The predominant thermodynamic numerical rationale was appeared to create modern mutilated cancer-causing life-shape reproductions. Szent-Gyorgyi's disease inquire about perception about useless thermodynamic data was actuated to totally discredit the Australian venture to get a human survival diagram. Researchers around the globe had no real option except to concur that seashells did in reality convey vital transformative survival data since it was plainly composed down on unthinking seashell fossil articles. None of them understood the basic truth, that living structures inside the seashells had transmitted that data to the developing shell arrangement. Szent-Gyorgyi, who had anticipated such a silly circumstance had composed a book about it, entitled 'The Crazy Ape'. The researchers declined to permit the living procedure to utilize unending scientific rationale on the grounds that their old non-sensible thermodynamic culture had as of now sentenced all life in the universe to annihilation.

The Nobel Laureate's depiction of an insane chimp outlook, be that as it may, had characterized a totally common condition of scientific schizophrenia existing at the beginning of progress. This reality just highlights the unimaginable mechanical capability of humankind if an awesome political pioneer tries to empower the era of the human survival outlines said above. From such outlines totally new advances can be immediately created to profit the human condition.

Antiquated Sumerian prophetic numerical instincts developed from divine development wonderment, a reality good with the logical research prepare acclaimed by Szent-Gyorgyi. From these old research instincts we acquired a 7 day week of 24 hours a day, with every hour of a hour. Their ability to read a compass gave us a hover of 360 degrees. Both their time and directional direction frameworks are currently used to investigate the way of space all inclusive reality. Be that as it may, amid the season of the Sumerian progress, their instincts about the way of interminable the truth was neither numerical nor logical. It was based upon religious ideas having a place with pugnacious divine beings and goddesses, one specifically was Inanna the goddess of sex and war.

The religious non-scientific influences of the Sumerians to take up arms was a characteristic articulation of a survival of the fittest sense to make preparations for their falling prey to some other tribe goal of submitting savagery against them. The Sumerian visionary numerical learning and the love of warlike divinities was later consumed by the Babylonian Kingdom. Old dirt tablets record the Sumerian divine beings from a dim void pronouncing 'Let there be light' before the production of half and half people from mud. Their divine beings contended about the offering of everlasting life to attendants of the Ark amid the Great Flood. Arithmetic then turned into an untrustworthy Babylonian instrument to threaten the masses to take up arms. The Babylonian ministers built up the arithmetic to have the capacity to anticipate shrouds, Inanna the goddess of sex and war got to be Ishtar the Babylonian goddess of prostitution and war and the giving of everlasting status to the managers of the Ark swelled into rough mayhem.

This exploitative utilization of science is clarified by the disclosure of a heated mud tablet composed by a Babylonian cleric to his lord. The message peruses such that the divine beings requested that the 673 BC lunar shroud be utilized by the ruler to threaten the populace to guarantee that they turned out to be sexually on edge to propel the specialty of taking up arms to expand the force of the Babylonian Kingdom.

  The nineteenth Century champion of American Democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson expounded on the oppression of the American individuals by a plutocracy that had acquired parts of the dishonest Babylonian legitimate framework. He didn't understand that such a condition of government around then was a natural need for American survival in the midst of a worldwide society of warring tribes looking to overwhelm each other. In any case, his numerical arrangement included new innovations suggested inside old Sanskrit arithmetic, which depended on a comparative logical rationale that Szent-Gyiogyi utilized later to infer his growth free science having a place with antiquated Greek political science.

The cancer-causing cycle of the pulverization of future human advancements battling to the demise over which god, or set of numerical laws, if individual access to endlessness took after from the Babylonian social framework. Szent-Gyorgyi's portrayal of the logical insane gorilla with a cancer-causing outlook can now be viewed as having a place with a type of numerical schizophrenia being a necessary part of a primitive tribal transformative process. The procedure of broken passionate data representing present day plutocracy has now been arranged by government designated disease transmission experts as a worldwide 3D plague. The mass make of broken data and specialized gadgets is presently comprehended to bring about serious harm to worldwide society.

To better comprehend the way of this worldwide useless data pandemic it can be believed to be like the utilization of arithmetic modified inside a poker machine, utilizing sound and shading vibrations to realize a heroin-like enslavement. This impulse is intended to realize a condition of good and monetary insolvency. The unscrupulous utilization of scientific control including fanciful enthusiastic suspicion, echoes the worldwide securities exchange energy.


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